Protection against sexualized and other violence


DJK Normannia stands up for the well-being of all members, especially of all children and teenagers. Therefore, DJK Normannia developed a concept for the protection against sexualized and other violence. It contains structural measures which serve the protection of all people who are active within and around the club. Our goal is to prevent any form of violence in our club and show that there is no space for violence at all within our club.




Within DJK Normannia we deal with each other in a decent, friendly and respectful way. In our guiding principles we defined the following premises:


®    We appreciate and promote the individual skills of our members and take responsibility for our activities concerning sports, social activities and each other to create and offer a space of positive togetherness for everyone.


®    We are trying to create a space without discrimination and discriminating language as well as an open and positive culture of error and critic.


®    The respect and well-being of everyone, especially of all children and teenagers entrusted to us, as well as the physical and psychological integrity of every member are the elemental principles of our jointly practiced sports.


®    Both inside and outside of DJK Normannia we consequently and consistently stand against any form of group-related and individual enmity. We are committed to a peaceful and respectful coexistence as well as equal exchange and encounters in our society.


The task of all people within our club is to establish a culture of awareness in which crossing the borders is not tolerated at all. „We want to create an atmosphere in which all people related to DJK Normannia regardless of their gender, sexuality, ethical membership, religion, age, physical condition or financial possibilities enjoy sport and togetherness. “(Guiding principle of DJK Normannia)


We are committed to contributing against the societal ignorance of misuse of power and sexualized violence and raise further awareness for those topics.



Bricks of the protection concept


Complaint Procedure and Person of Trust


If any suspicious cases occur, in which expert advice or information is desired, every affected person can contact the club board or the persons of trust. The persons of trust are available for all active members as well as parents, trainers and externals as contact persons for complaints due to experienced, observed or assumed (sexualized) violence connected to DJK Normannia. The persons of trust also have an open eye for other questions and problems considering the life inside and around DJK Normannia.


All persons who are active for DJK Normannia are approachable at any time and know who to contact in case someone needs their support or they observe something on their own.


Persons of Trust:

-        Name

-        Department

-        Contact Details

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Further Support- and Consulting Services


The support portal for sexual abuse is the central federal portal of support services for people and their dependents, who experiences sexual violence during their childhood or youth. The service is primary dedicated to adults, but also children and teenagers can find help which is customized for them. The portal also offers information for specialists.


(Available in various languages (English, German, French, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian)


Help telephone for sexual abuse


Under the telephone number 0800/2255530 the help telephone ‘Sexual Abuse’ is available Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. as well as Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 p.m. till 8:00 p.m. – in whole Germany, free of charge and anonym.


The help telephone is point of contact for people who look for relief, consulting or support, who are worried about a child, who have a concrete suspicion or just a weird feeling. It’s general for all people who are unsure in context of sexual abuse and want to ask questions in this context.


Specialist office against sexualized violence against children and teenagers


The specialist office against sexualized violence on children and teenagers can be consulted for various questions. They offer different support and consulting about the topic of sexualized violence or can arrange further support.                                   


Advice Centre ‚Westhoffstrasse‘
Westhoffstraße 8-12
44145 Dortmund
Tel.: 02 31 – 84 03 100


Help and support at the city of Dortmund